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Amaranthine Salon & Spa is a place where strength, beauty, and serenity come together to help you unwind, rejuvenate, and restore your inner peace. We are located just east of Toronto in Oshawa, Ontario.

 Amaranthine offers a complete range of beauty services designed to meet your personal wellness needs.
The team at Amaranthine Salon & Spa includes;hair stylists, aestethetics and holistic care.

Not only does the team at Amaranthine want you to feel and look beautiful on the outside they want you to feel healthy and beautiful on the inside. That's where healing begins, within.

What coffee does to your body

Regular Coffee

Very acidic - lowering PH balance


Raises blood pressure

raises stress levels

Coffee jitters & caffeine crash 

Organo Gold Coffee

Balances PH level of body

Boosts the immune system

provides energy oxydenates the body

promotes natural detoxication 

No jitters or caffeine crash

150 al-natural antioxidants

certified organic gandoerma

       Many people start their day with . . . 

Coffee   or   Tea

What if you could add health to your habit?

May we suggest you take a 30 day challenge by switching to a cup of coffee or tea with the organic 'superfood' ganoderma lucidum.

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