Regardless of the occasion, our expert hair stylists ensure that you look and feel as beautiful as every woman should. Whether you are attending a particular event or simply looking to refresh your look, our stylists have you covered


While skin and hair care are top priorities for most people, nail care is often neglected or viewed as a luxury. Even though getting a manicure or pedicure may feel like a treat, taking good care of your nails is an important way to keep your hands and feet as healthy — and attractive — as possible. Amaranthine Salon & Spa in Oshawa, Ontario, offers a complete menu of aesthetic services, including custom manicures and pedicures. If you’re ready for a little bit of pampering, call for an appointment today.


moisturize your feet to prevent cracks from developing and causing infections. They also clean dirt and bacteria from your feet to prevent fungi from growing. Professionally cleaning and cutting your nails will also help prevent ingrown toenails and infections

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